Charity concert

Estonia for Ukraine

Concert by Ukrainian Dancers and Folk Choir Viter from Edmonton, Canada

Approx. running time 1 h

Estonia for Ukraine

On Sunday, August 18 Estonian National Opera will hold a charity concert to support Ukraine. The concert features performances by the singers and dancers of the Ukrainian traditional music ensemble Viter from Canada (music from the recording).The concert is held with the organizational and informational support of the Association of Ukrainian Organisations in Estonia.

Supporter’s ticket 75 €
Regular ticket 35 €

Ukrainian Dancers and Folk Choir Viter from Edmonton has become internationally recognised for their energy, innovation and passion for Ukrainian culture. The concert features folk songs and dances from different regions of Ukraine. This is the last concert of the ensemble’s tour with which they want to thank the people of Estonia for their continuous support for Ukraine in war.

Estonian National Opera and Ukraine are bound with a long-term relationship. In 2014, the theatre organised yet another charity concert to finance the purchase of piano for the arts school in Slavyansk. The new piano given as a present substituted a 40-year-old piano by the Estonia Piano Factory. In 2022, right after the beginning of the war, Estonian National Opera gave a concert that earned 142 763 Euros as donations to support Ukraine.

It is possible to make donations on the spot for the cause of Ukraine.


Ensemble Viter

In 25 years, Viter has evolved from being a small and enthusiastic group of dancers to a

well-rounded and accomplished ensemble, composed of both dancers and choristers that create an entertaining and harmonious blend of storytelling, which is unique to Viter. The artistic directors of Viter are chorus master Lesia Pohoreski and choreographers Emily Belke-Farrell and Joseph Hoffmann under whose leadership Viter has given successful concerts in Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Croatia, Austria and Ukraine. The fusion of folk art of traditional Ukrainian song and dance with modern themes and energetic performance, makes them a long-awaited guest wherever they go.

Choral Director Lesia Pohoreski

Lesia Pohoreski formed the Viter Ukrainian Folk Choir in 2008 and from a small enthusiastic group of fourteen singers, the choir has grown to include musicians and close to forty energetic voices under her direction. As the conductor of the Edmonton CYMK choir and a Ukrainian children’s choir in Sherwood Park, she realized her calling and chose teaching as her profession. Lesia currently teaches music and Ukrainian Language Arts at St. Theresa Catholic Middle School in Sherwood Park. 

Dance Director Emily Belke-Farrell

Driven by her love of dance and culture, Emily Belke-Farrell, has spent the last decade teaching dance around the province of Alberta. Her passion for dance pedagogy, storytelling, and stagecraft led her to complete her Bachelor of Education in Drama and Physical Education. As president of the Alberta Ukrainian Dance Association, she has loved helping cultivate many opportunities for Ukrainian dancers and instructors within Alberta and the Ukrainian dance community.

Dance Director Joseph Hoffman

At an early age, Joe Hoffman learned the power of stories to share thoughts, feelings, perspectives, and whole worlds! Ever since he has been working hard to find and create innovative stories and work with talented people in that pursuit. He previously served as the Ukrainian Shumka Dancers’ Artistic Associate and danced with the company for 10 years.



Show times


18. August 2024 17:00 Charity concert