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Dear friends!

You will find the widest selection in our drinks menu at the restaurant.  However, this is not all!

You can also rent out our restaurant to celebrate you important events. You are most welcome to reserve our room for weddings, jubilees, graduations and all else that involves beautiful rooms and delicious tastes.

Spend your golden moments at Estonia restaurant!


New Year’s Eve Ball - Party on the Dark Side of the Moon

Come and leave your mark on the moon and let us send the old year into outer space like never before!

Theatre hall, concert hall, Estonia Restaurant, Blue hall, White hall and Café Colombina are open to the visitors. You can dance the night away to the music of the Estonian National Opera Orchestra as well as Mart Sander and the Swing Swindlers.
Dress code: black tie 
Age: 16+
All bought vouchers must be exchanged for tickets at the box office of the theatre only! Vouchers include admission to the theatre hall for the show and a dance ticket!
Ticket prices:
  • Dance ticket 30 €
  • Ticket for the show in the theatre hall and a dance ticket: 45–76 € (depending on your seat in the hall)
  • A rich and plentiful menu with drinks in the Estonia Restaurant for the whole evening and a dance ticket 150 €
  • Ticket for the show in the theatre hall, reserved table in the Estonia Restaurant and a dance ticket 120 € + (45–76 €)