Happy World Ballet Day!

/ marion leppik

On Wednesday, November 1, we celebrate World Ballet Day. According to tradition, this day celebrates the existence of ballet as an art form, but it is also a day when the world's best ballet companies show themselves in action in some new ways.

On this day, our audience has an extraordinary opportunity to come to the theatre hall of the Estonian National Opera to celebrate this event with the dancers and repetiteurs of the Estonian National Ballet. We will show you how to do a morning exercise class, and later we will offer coffee and delicious pretzels in the White Hall. The event is curated by artistic director of Estonian National Ballet. Linnar Looris.

On this day, Estonian National Ballet sends greetings to the entire dance world and shows an exciting interview with Gyula Harangozó, the director of "The Nutcracker", which premieres on December 1, 2023, and Katarzyna Kozielska's production "Open Door", specially created for the stage of Estonia Theatre, as part of the international program of World Ballet Day.

Happy World Ballet Day!

Watch the video here.