Madama Butterfly

Music that is more beautiful than love. A passion that is larger than life.

Approx. running time 2 h 45 min (one intermission)

Opera by Giacomo Puccini

Amserv presents:

International co-production with the participation of Fondazione del Teatro Grande di Brescia, Teatro Sociale di Como – As.Li.Co., Fondazione Teatro Fraschini di Pavia, Fondazione Teatro Amilcare Ponchielli di Cremona, Teatro Donizetti di Bergamo, Teatro del Giglio di Lucca, Estonian National Opera.

Premiere in Fondazione del Teatro Grande di Brescia on July 20, 2023
Premiere in the Estonian National Opera on May 24, 2024

Composer: Giacomo Puccini
Librettists: Luigi Illica and Giuseppe Giacosa

Music Director: Arvo Volmer
Conductors: Kaspar Mänd, Risto Joost

Stage Director: Rodula Gaitanou (Greece)
Assistant to the Stage Director: Pirjo Levandi 
Designer: Takis (Greece)
Lighting Designer: Fiammetta Baldiserri (Italy)
Assistant to the Lighting Designer: Veronica Varesimonti (Italy)

Choir Master Heli Jürgenson
Concert Master Ave Wagner
Pianist-Repetiteurs Jaanika Rand-Sirp, Tarmo Eespere, Riina Pikani
Etenduse juhid Riina Airenne, Rein Lepnurm

“Madama Butterfly” is an opera inspired by a true story. At the beginning of the 20th century, in the city of Nagasaki, in the background of the clash of Western and Eastern civilizations, there develops a love story of a Japanese girl Cio-Cio San and an American naval officer Pinkerton. It is a story of passion, honour, betrayal and the faithful love of a woman. She is called Cio-Cio San, meaning Madama Butterfly in Japanese for her fragile beauty. Cio-Cio San chooses to renounce her country’s traditions and her family’s religion to give her whole heart to the love of her life, Pinkerton. She is unaware that love and the marriage is merely a game for the man. Soon he deserts her and Cio-Cio San is left behind, pregnant with their child of which Pinkerton is unaware. with their child. But her love is steadfast. After three long years, Pinkerton returns to Japan with his American wife and instead of a happy reunion, he is about to take away their child.

Puccini’s music reveals the feelings of the heroes so subtly and captivatingly that “Madama Butterfly” has become one of the most beloved operas in the world. The music breathes poetry, passion, romance and the aroma of the Orient. Puccini’s masterpiece had its world premiere in La Scala (1904), but the premiere was met with cat-calls and booing, mainly due to the poor casting and conflicts between editors and the composer. The Current staging premieres in the summer of 2023 in Brescia, where the opera received its true welcome only a few months after the fiasco of the premiere. 

Performed in Italian with subtitles in Estonian and English.


NB! Please note:

  • The production is not recommended for children under 12 years of age. The show may require parental guidance.

BUTTERFLY Yasko Sato (Japan), María Fernanda Castillo (Mexico)
PINKERTON Raimonds Bramanis (Latvia), Dumitru Mîţu(Rumenia), Reigo Tamm
SHARPLESS Tamar Nugis, Eugenijus Chrebtovas (Lithuania), Rauno Elp
SUZUKI Helen Lokuta, Aule Urb
GORO Mart Madiste, Mehis Tiits
KATE Karis Trass, Kadri Kõrvek
COMISSARIO Priit Volmer, Raiko Raalik
BONZO Jassi Zahharov, Märt Jakobson
PRINTS YAMADORI Yixuan Wang, Rafael Dicenta
LA MADRE Juuli Lill, Triin Ella
UNA CUGINA Carol Männamets, Danna Malõshko
LA ZIA Merit Kraav, Maria Leppoja
LO ZIO YAKUSIDE Kim Sargsyan,Tiit Kaljund
L’UFFICIALE Rein Saar, Mati Vaikmaa, Janari Jorro

Music Director

Arvo Volmer

Stage Director

Rodula Gaitanou

Assistant to the Stage Director

Pirjo Levandi



Chorus Master

Heli Jürgenson

Assistant to the Chorus Master

Ksenija Grabova

Chief Pianist and Repetiteur

Ave Wagner

Pianist and Repetiteurs

Tarmo Eespere

Jaanika Rand-Sirp

Riina Pikani

Show times


25. October 2024 19:00


27. October 2024 15:00


31. October 2024 19:00


13. June 2025 19:00


15. June 2025 15:00


19. June 2025 19:00