National Ballet brings the famous pirate story to the stage

/ marion leppik

On Friday, December 2, the exotic pirate ballet "The Corsair" will be staged at the Estonian National Opera, which will be presented to the audience by José Martinez, the new ballet director of the Paris Opera. The author of the design and costumes is Iñaki Cobos (Spain), lighting artist Rasmus Rembel, video artist Taavi Varm, music director Lauri Sirp.

"The Corsair" is part of the legacy of one of the most wonderful periods in dance history. The ballet was created by Joseph Mazillier in 1856 and a few years later Marius Petipa made his own version of it. Director José Martinez: "Personally, I think there are two fascinating periods in dance history, and Petipa's period is one of them." "The Corsair" is one of the exotic ballets created in the 19th century. Back then, when there were no movies, television or the internet, it was an exciting way to discover new cultures. At the same time, these ballets (with characters as pirates, slaves, pashas, ​​etc.) did not pretend to historical truth, but their idea was to show the audience an exotic dreamland – as depicted in the art of the Orient at the time.

According to the director, "The Corsair" is quite difficult for the dancers, because to perform it you have to have really good technique, but at the same time you have to know how to play with emotions. "Although the ballet is centered around a love story, it also has a desire for freedom, a gunfight, and a shipwreck. Here, each character has their own characteristics, which means that good acting is crucial," notes Martinez.

At the premiere, William Newton will appear before the audience in the role of the corsair Conrad, and Anna Roberta will play the role of his freedom-seeking lover. In other parts, Sergei Upkin, Ketlin Oja, Leonardo Celegato, Andrea Fabbri, Maria Gergely, Nelson Pena, Marjana Fazullina, Ellinor Piirimäe, Akane Ichii, Daniel Kirspuu.

The dancers of the Estonian National Ballet, mimancy artists of the Estonian National Opera and students of the Tallinn Music and Ballet School will take part.

The National Opera Orchestra will be conducted by Lauri Sirp at the premiere.