Kaspar Mänd


Kaspar Mänd graduated from Old Town Educational College and Music School, having studied the Oboe with Kalev Kuljus and Aleksander Hännikäinen, and the Choral Conducting class of Hirvo Surva. In 2012, he graduated from Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (the Choral Conducting Class of Hirvo Surva, the Oboe Class of Nils Rõõmussaar) and in 2014 he received his postgraduate degree in Orchestral Conducting (Prof. Paul Mägi). In 2012–13, he studied conducting at the Paris Conservatory (CNSMDP) with Prof. Zsolt Nagy. He has participated in the Järvi Summer Academy (2009, 2010, 2011) and attended the master-classes of Eri Klas and Risto Joost (both in 2010). In 2009, he founded the Mixed Choir HUIK! that has successfully participated in State Competitions. In 2011–14, he was the Chief Conductor of the Chamber Choir Voces Musicales. He has been a conductor for mixed choirs in the 2014 Estonian Song Festival and the 2017 Youth Song and Dance Celebration. In 2013–16, he was the conductor of the Tallinn Georg Ots Music School Orchestra. In 2016, he founded the New Street Orchestra, with whom he performed all of Beethoven’s symphonies within the first season. Since 2014, he is a conductor with the Estonian National Opera. 

Kaspar Mänd has won the Young Conductor Award of the Estonian Choral Association in 2012 and 2015, the Estonian National Opera Colleague Award in 2016 and the Annual Award of Cultural Endowment of Estonia in the category of music in 2021.

Music director at the Estonian National Opera: 
Aints/Wimberg’s musical “Karlsson on the Roof” (2015)
Meckler/Ochoa/Salem’s ballet “A Streetcar Named Desire” (2017)
Manfred MIM’s opera “Estonian History. A Nation Born of Shock” (2018) 
Ehala’s musical “Buratino” (2018)
Prokofiev’s “Romeo and Juliet” (2019)
Kesler’s “Anna Karenina” (2020)

More information www.kasparmand.com