Organizing events

The building of the Estonian National Opera has hosted celebrations and important meetings since its completion. In the first years of the Republic of Estonia, the restaurants in the theatre building were among of the most popular in town. The grandiose theatre building in the centre of Tallinn hosts the most festive and glamorous events of the country, including the president’s receptions and new year’s balls. The most important parties of state authorities, companies, and private individuals have been held in this building time and time again.

The Estonian National Opera Catering has been operating in the building since 2006. They have organised and catered hundreds of different events, from a meal for two for the intermission to grandiose balls with 1,200 guests. Everyday work in the theatre building has given our team excellent experience so that we can make every visit memorable.

In addition to visiting performances and concerts, you can book halls of different size and interior designs to host different events, as well as order catering that matches the event. We can help you organise your important day, whether it be a conference, a seminar, an official reception, a festive dinner, a birthday party, or any other major event.

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