Rent of halls

Theatre Hall

The theatre hall has 800 seats. Conferences, ceremonies and presentations can be held in the hall and it can be booked for performances.

White Hall

The White Hall is suitable for official gatherings, conferences, festive receptions and dinners, as well as for holding children’s Christmas parties. The hall is located on the same level with the parterre, between the Concert Hall and the Theatre Hall. Capacity 100–150 people.

Blue Hall

The Blue Hall is suitable for different gatherings, conferences and formal dinner parties. The hall is located on the level of the audience rooms of the first balcony, above the White Hall. Capacity 100–150 people.

Chamber Hall

The Chamber Hall is located of the 5th floor of the opera house, above the concert hall. The Chamber Hall is suitable for chamber performances and concerts, as well as for different company events. The hall has portable tribunes. Capacity 150 people.


Colombina is suitable for different smaller gatherings, as well as for children’s Christmas parties. Colombina is located on the ground floor. Capacity 70 people.

To rent a hall, please contact Front of House Manager, Ms Liisa Piisel, +372 509 0753,