Guest Staging

Summer Night Ballet Gala

International Ballet Gala performances on the stage of Estonia Theatre.

Approx. running time 1 h 50 min, one intermission

Guest Staging

International Ballet Gala performances bring together brilliant dancers from around the world – from Japan, the United States, and Europe.

The gala is a meeting point of ballet world stars and is opportunity to get acquainted with exciting new creations. At the Summer Night Ballet Gala, one can witness the versatility and richness of dance art. Enjoy timeless masterpieces of classical ballet as well as new, contemporary dance numbers. The audience will see charismatic dancers Giorgia Pasini (Teatro San Carlo di Napoli) and Antonio Gallo (Estonian National Ballet), whose performances blend elegance and passion.

Direction and choreography by Florian Lochner (Germany), Viki Bromberg Psihoyos (USA), and Karina Laura Leškin (Estonian National Ballet)
Artistic Director: Karina Laura Leškin

Show times


03. August 2024 18:00 Ticket information:


04. August 2024 18:00 Ticket information: