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“Ravel:Ravel” is a poetic game, full of fantasy, where you can cheat for beauty and where Ravel’s affair with music ends up in a crazy whirlwind of spectacle, dreamt of by children and yearned for by grown-ups.

Approx. running time 1 h 45 min, one intermission

Maurice Ravel’s short arrangements

Recommended for all ages, starting age 5.

Within one evening two pieces by Ravel will be performed: lyric opera fantasy “The Child and the Spells” and a dance production “Mother Goose” (with one intermission). The performances are sung in Estonian or French, subtitles in Estonian and English.

Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on June 18, 2021

“The Child and the Spells”
Fantaisie lyrique in one act by Maurice Ravel
Libretto by Colette
World premiere on March 21, 1925 in Monte Carlo

Music Director and Conductor: Arvo Volmer
Stage Director: Mart Kampus
Set and Costume Designer, Stage Director: Liina Keevallik
Lighting Designer: Siim Reispass

The Child: Johannes Teder, Nils Mailend, Robert Cross (Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir)
Mother: Merilin Taul
Child’s Shadow: Helen Lokuta, Karis Trass
Mother’s Shadow / China Cup’s Shadow/Dragonfly’s Shadow: Juuli Lill, Aule Urb
Fire’s Shadow / Princess’ Shadow / Nightingale’s Shadow: Elina Nechayeva, Kristel Pärtna, Maria Leppoja
The Arithmetics/Frog’s Shadow: Mart Madiste, Rafael Dicenta and the Estonian National Opera Boys’ Choir
Squirrel’s Shadow / The Kitty: Kadri Kõrvek, Danna Malõško
Bat’s Shadow / Armchair’s Shadow: Janne Ševtšenko, Kadri Nirgi
Clock’s Shadow / The Cat: Tamar Nugis, René Soom
Wing Chair’s Shadow / The Tree: Priit Volmer, Raiko Raalik
Wedgwood Teapot’s Shadow: Reigo Tamm, Heldur Harry Põlda
The Shepherdess / Owl’s Shadow: Olga Zaitseva, Siiri Johanson
The Shepherd: Triin Ella, Merje Uppin
Mother Goose: Maria Kais

Theatre Shadows, Map People and theatre folks: dancers Allar Valge, Jaroslav Galitski, Mehis Saaber, Märt Agu, Sergei Kuznetsov, Britt Kõrsmaa, Maria Uppin, Maigret Peetson, Tuuli Peremees and Estonian National Opera Chorus Airike Kolk, Danna Malõško, Eva Rand, Karin Helstein, Kati Jaanimäe, Külli Ormisson, Maria Kais, Maria Leppoja, Olga
Zaitseva, Siiri Johanson, Airi Sepp, Aule Urb, Greete Ruutma, Kairi Tammaru, Ludmilla Kõrts, Merili Sarapuu, Merilin Taul, Merje Uppin, Pille-Riin Rajavee, Triin Ella, Jaak Jõekallas, Andrei Karpievitš, Kaido Tani, Mattias Aabmets, Nicola Gracanac, Rafael Dicenta, Tomi Kuusisto, Urmas Põldma, Yixuan Wang, Georg Gurjev, Ivo Onton, Mati Vaikmaa, Priit Kruusement, Roman Chervinko, Aare Kodasma, Erki Lillemets, Aleksandr Bražnik, Rene Alas, Sven Tarlap, Tiit Kaljund, Tambet Kikas

Life is surreal, both on stage and in reality. Who hasn’t quarrelled with an armchair? Or with a stubborn grandfather clock? We have all loved princesses and torn them apart just to see what is inside. Did the porcelain cup just break out of its own will? How very frustrating!
Besides, what is inside the wallpaper that so invitingly peels off the wall?
Speaking squirrels, sleeping beauties, frogs as chorus singers, scary numbers, tiptoeing curtains, teacups as tourists and screaming flames – what an amazing blend of dreamy revelations and pieces of real life, opera and ballet as well as stage lights and behind the stage sounds.
What about the Mother Goose? Will she manage to squeeze herself on stage or into your dream?

“Mother Goose”
World premiere on January 29, 1912 in Théâtre des Arts, Paris

Music Director and Conductor: Arvo Volmer
Stage Director, Choreographer and Designer: Renate Keerd
Lighting Designer: Siim Reispass

Cast: Karina Laura Leškin, Anthea van der Ham, Kim Jana Hügi, Ksenia Seletskaja, Lena Scherer, Sergei Upkin,  Marcus Nilson, Samuel Parham, Finn Adams, Nikos Gkentsef, Hidetora Tabe

“Mother Goose” is a free interpretation of Maurice Ravel’s ballet by a free-lance stage director and choreographer Renate Keerd. According to a French custom, a mother goose is a nickname for a nurse, who tells children fairy-tales. Keerd takes the classical libretto and turns it upside down. Her original story is based on Ravel’s orchestrated version of the piece. In her staging, Keerd concentrates on paradoxes of our lives, mixing it with her fantastic, absurd and witty style.

“Ravel:Ravel” is a game where you can cheat for beauty and where Ravel’s love affair with music ends up in a crazy whirlwind of spectacle, dreamt of by children and yearned for by grown-ups.

Music director and conductor

Arvo Volmer

Choreographer and Stage Director

Renate Keerd

Stage Director

Mart Kampus


Liina Keevallik

Chorus Master

Heli Jürgenson

Assistant to the Chorus Master

Ksenija Grabova

Choir master and vocal coach on Boys Choir

Külli Kiivet