The Magic Flute

Masterpiece combining fantastic fairy tale elements, a mischievous play, moving ideas of humanity and enlightenment, and the composer’s beautiful melodies into a stunning allegory.

Approx. running time 2 h 50 min, one intermission

Opera by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Libretto by Emanuel Schikaneder
World premiere on September 30, 1791 in Vienna Theatre auf der Wiednis
Premiere at the Estonian National Opera on January 28, 2022

Sung in German with subtitles in Estonian and English

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s last opera “The Magic Flute”, which premiered in Vienna in 1791, follows the venerable tradition of Viennese magical theatre. However, this opera is by no means a work that can be clearly defined: Is it an opera that symbolises rites of a secret society? Is it simply a spectacle for the senses? In all senses, the opera is a masterpiece that binds fantastic fairy-tale creatures, crazy buffoonery, touching ideas of humanity and enlightenment with Mozart’s heavenly melodies.

“The Magic Flute” combines two opposite forces: on one side there is the dark and menacing realm of the Queen of the Night and on the other, the realm of light ruled by good and wise Sarastro. The cunning Queen of the Night sends Prince Tamino to free her daughter Pamina, who is a captive in Sarastros realm of light. On his way, the prince realises that not all things are as they seem. Aided by his magic flute and his true companion birdcatcher Papageno, they search truth, love and enlightenment. Tamino becomes enlightened in Sarastro’s kingdom and the kingdom of darkness is forced to retreat. The simple and kind Papageno fails all tests on becoming worthy of Sarastro’s kingdom, but gains the hand of his loving Papagena and lives happily ever after.

Mozart’s final stage work conceals a great deal of sophistication, weaving some of the composer’s most beautiful and best-loved melodies together in an elegant allegory whose wicked queens and noble princes are just the beginning of the story.


Recommended age 10+


Music director and conductor

Arvo Volmer

Stage Director

Vilppu Kiljunen


Kimmo Viskari


Anton Kulagin

Chorus Master

Heli Jürgenson

Assistant to the Chorus Master

Ksenija Grabova

Choir master and vocal coach on Boys Choir

Külli Kiivet


15. February 2024 19:00

Show times


15. February 2024 19:00


18. February 2024 17:00