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Alice in Wonderland

Missing a step on a ladder can transport you to a fairyland, where there is no end to wonders… Come and join Alice in Wonderland together with the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, March Hare, the Queen of Hearts and other wondrous characters!

Approx. running time 1 h 50 min, one intermission

Ballet by Gianluca Schiavoni

Created after Lewis Carroll’s novel of the same name
Music by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, Aram Khachaturian and Alberto Nanetti, arranged by Alberto Nanetti
World premiere on May 14, 2017 in San Carlo Theatre

Premiere in the Estonian National Opera on November 29, 2019

At sunset, Alice and her friend run cheerfully through the streets of an ancient and fascinating city. They stop in front of an old and drooping doorway. Inside they realise that they are in an abandoned theatre and they begin to discover this mysterious world. On stage, Alice discovers among dusty sets and tools an old script bearing the title “Alice in Wonderland”.

Suddenly she hears strange noises and perceives a shadow running at the back of the stage. She curiously follows it, climbs a ladder, slips and falls… and falls… down, and down… When she wakes up, she finds herself in Wonderland full of adventures to be discovered. She meets the strangest creatures imaginable, often changing size unexpectedly (she grows as tall as a house and shrinks to 7 cm), she encounters a hookah-smoking Catepillar, drinks tea with the Mad Hatter, March Hare and a Dormouse, and plays croquet with the Queen of Hearts.

The fantastic ballet rich in multimedia effects was born for San Carlo Theatre in 2017. Choreographer Gianluca Schiavoni blends spectacle with imaginative dance and Lewis Carroll’s beloved story.

Missing a step on a ladder can transport you to a fairyland, where there is no end to wonders… Come and join Alice in Wonderland together with the Cheshire Cat, Mad Hatter, March Hare, the Queen of Hearts and other wondrous characters!


Alice: Alena Shkatula, Laura Maya, Ketlin Oja, Abigail Mattox, Ami Morita, Madeline Skelly
White Rabbit: Leonardo Gelegato, Sergei Upkin, Francesco, Piccinin, Jan Trninič, Antonio Gallo
Jack of Hearts: Francesco Piccinin, Cristiano Principato, Ali Urata, William Newton, Joel Calstar - Fisher
Queen of Hearts: Ana Gergely, Anna Roberta, Alena Shkatula, Nadežda Antipenko, Triinu Upkin, Nanae Maruyama, Madeline Skelly
Mad Hatter: Sergei Upkin, Ali Urata, Jevgeni Grib, Francesco Piccinin, Leonardo Celegato
Caterpillar: Jevgeni Grib, Ali Urata, William Newton, Marcus Nilson, Erik Thordal-Christensen, Andrii Havrõljuk
Twins Tweedledee, Tweedledum: Sergei Upkin, Francesco Piccinin, Cristiano Principato, Hidetora Tabe, Leonardo Celegato, Jan Trinic, Antonio Gallo, Pol Monsech, Luca Giovanetti
Gardners: Ali Urata, Connor Williams, Francesco Piccinin, Cristiano Principato, William Newton, Hidetora Tabe, Nikos Gkentsef, Marcus Nilson, Andrii Havrõljuk, Erik Thordal- Christensen
Alice’s friend: Abigail Mattox, Karina Leškin, Ketlin Oja, Madeline Skelly, Maarja Praks
The Dutchess: Vitali Nikolajev, Triinu Upkin, Nadežda Antipenko
Butterfly: Ana Gergely, Nanae Maruyama, Marta Navasardyan, Lena Scherer
Dragonfly: Laura Maya, Abigail Mattox, Ellinor Piirimäe, Beatriz Domingues
Duck: Ellinor Piirimäe, Lena Scherer, Polina Sosimova
Owl: Nikos Gkentsef, Benjamin Pierce, Sacha Barber, Samuel Parham
Dodo: Finn Adams, Joel Calstar-Fisher, Oscar Poucholin
Turtle: Anthea van der Ham, Marianna Odinets, Evelin Agu, Phillipa McCann
Parrot: Connor Williams, Marcus Nilson, Hidetora Tabe, Luca Giovanetti
Mouse: Akane Ichii, Beatrize Domingues, Anastasiia Sosimova
Fish: Francesco Piccinin, Cristiano Principato, Connor Williams, Ali Urata, Finn Adams, Marcus Nilson
Frog: Oksana Saar, Nanae Maruyama, Lena Scherer
Cook: Oksana Saar, Anthea van der Ham, Marianna Odinets
March Hare: Nanae Maruyama, Maarja Praks, Karina Leškin
Dormouse: Connor Williams, Samuel Parham, Anatole Blaineau, Francesco Piccinin
Flowers, Cards, Flamingos: Estonian National Ballet
Fireflies, King of Hearts, Hedgehogs, Courtiers: Tallinn Music and Ballet School students
Courtiers, soldiers, executioner: Extras
Estonian National Opera Orchestra

Recommended for ages 5+


Gianluca Schiavoni


Andrea Tocchio

Costume Designer

Simona Morresi

Kostüümide teostaja

Annamari Ruocco

Projection Designer

Sergio Metalli


Valerio Tiberi

Assistant to the Stage Director

Michele Vegis


Luana Georg

Daniel Kirspuu

David Jonathan

Katrin Kivimägi

Marina Kesler

Stage manager

Anton Osul

Show times


01. September 2024 12:00


05. September 2024 19:00


13. September 2024 19:00


22. September 2024 12:00 .


26. September 2024 19:00


20. October 2024 15:00


07. November 2024 19:00