There are ideals worth fighting for. There are secrets worth dying for. And there is LIFE.

Approx. running time 3 h 10 min, one intermission

Richard Wagner’s romantic opera

World premiere on August 28, 1850 in Deutsches Nationaltheater Weimar

Premiere in the Estonian National Opera on May 25, 2023

“Lohengrin” is Wagner’s most lyric and romantic opera based on a large number of literary texts and German sagas and has since been interpreted in a wide variety of ways.

Does true love demand blind faith? A young duchess, Elsa, is accused of the murder of her young brother and the future heir of the Brabantian throne. As her only defence, she describes a dream in which a noble knight comes to clear her of the vile accusation – and, at that precise moment, a mysterious knight appears in a gondola pulled by a swan. He offers to fight for Elsa’s honour and then marry her, but on one condition: that she does not seek to find out who he is or where he comes from.

Wagner took up these characters and set the “forbidden question” theme at the core of the story, dealing with questions about purity, nobility and the possibility of the redeeming power of a woman’s unquestioning love. All of this is permeated with his ravishingly beautiful music, deep lyricism and power that has captivated audiences through centuries. It is no wonder that the “Bridal Chorus” from the beginning of Act 3 has accompanied many newlyweds down the aisle also in contemporary wedding ceremonies.

Michiel Dijkema: “This opera, with its reciprocity of light and darkness, is deeply touching. The world of Lohengrin is rough and poetic. Profound storytelling and intoxicating music portray a fascinating world, in which violence and religion go side by side. Actual magic, related to the Germanic gods, and – in opposition – veritable miracles, associated with Christianity, both have their place in this oscillating drama, that is fuelled by readiness for war, hunger for power, intense love and true faith.”

Performed in German with subtitles in Estonian and English.

Recommended age 10+

Music director and conductor

Arvo Volmer


Kaspar Mänd

Stage Director, Set and Lighting Designer

Michiel Dijkema

Costume Designer

Jula Reindell

Production Assistant:

Riina Airenne

Silva Valdt

Chorus Master

Heli Jürgenson

Chief Pianist and Repetiteur

Jaanika Rand-Sirp

Assistant to the Chorus Master

Ksenija Grabova

Pianist and Repetiteurs

Tarmo Eespere

Ave Wagner

Elsa, princess of Braband

Silja Aalto

Charlotte-Anne Shipley

Friedrich von Telramund, Count of Brabant

Leonardo Neiva

Rauno Elp

Ortrud, Telramund's wife

Helen Lokuta

Maria Berezovska

Helen Lepalaan

Heinrich, Duke of Saxony

Pavlo Balakin

Priit Volmer

Young Gottfried

Roland Upkin

Robin Lucas Põld

Stage manager

Rein Lepnurm

Riina Airenne

Choir master and vocal coach on Boys Choir

Külli Kiivet

Show times


08. November 2024 19:00


10. November 2024 15:00


09. May 2025 19:00


14. May 2025 19:00


16. May 2025 19:00